Coral Press Arts is the new offshoot of Coral Press, set up exclusively to publish photobooks.


We’re deeply fascinated by photobooks, where a series of photos, arranged in an ideal order, can be “read” much like a novel. We believe that Robert Frank’s classic The Americans tells a story every bit as complex and essential to America as The Great Gatsby. We’re also very excited that photobooks are being seen not simply as collections of pictures but works of collectible art in their own right. In Lincoln Kirstein’s words (on Walker Evans): “Intention, logic, continuity, climax, sense and perfection.”


With Coral Press Arts, we’re publishing photobooks that use photographs to tell their story.


Our books are carried at discerning bookstores everywhere, including Dashwood, the Strand, and Printed Matter, and are available directly through our website. To see inside each book, just click the cover image opposite.


New York Street

A Carnival of Souls

Angel Parade is an ongoing series of small works, two volumes to a book.